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Tips and tricks for taking amazing pictures of the kids

In this article we will provide few easy tips that will help you to take great pictures of the kids that look professional, present the children in positive light and everybody enjoys to see.

Why good pictures are important?

Taking photos of our children and sharing them with family and friends is a great way to share the nice moments. This is also an excellent tool that helps us to maintain the connection between them and our kids, especially in cases where long distances or other factors does not allow to meet often in person. Because of this, it is important to send high quality pictures that generate positive feelings and create good mood.  

Do you like to post photos on Instagram, Facebook, sent them to friends, etc.? Well, then you should pay even greater attention to ensure that you are sharing with the world your family’s best moments. Let’s go ahead and check the tips.

Light, focus, quality

Let’s start with the picture quality, because this is the base for everything else.

First make sure that you have enough light for a good picture, because light is essential factor for the quality of the photos. You should also pay attention for situations where too much light may have negative effect – for example when very bright sun is behind the subject (and in front of your camera), you will hardly manage to get a good picture.

Pictures should be sharp enough and important objects should be in focus. If this is not the case, delete the picture and take another one.

Pay attention on the overall composition and make sure that all essential objects are in the frame. This is specifically valid for faces on the pictures. You should avoid pictures where half of the face is out of the frame.  

Child should be clean

In general, when you take photos, your child should be clean or at least not very dirty. Also make sure that the face is clean and nose is not running.

There are some exceptions of this rule like the moment when the child is eating alone for the first time or some sweet moments when the child is super dirty and this deserve to be documented for the next generations.

Smiling is good, but is not obligatory

Photos of smiling kids are great and we definitely encourage you to capture these amazing moments of happiness, but have in mind that there are many other opportunities where you can take a great picture even if the child is not smiling at the camera.

Therefore, you don’t need to wave at the child, telling “cheese” every time you intend to take a photo. Very often the best pictures are taken in a moment, when the child does not even realize that you are taking a photo.

No tears, no cry… and no pacifier

Children often cry and if it is not yours, it can be some of the others around it. No matter how natural thing is the crying, it does not mean that it has a place on the photos you share with others. So don’t take pictures of your child when it is crying unless you really want to capture this particular moment. Same is valid for the other children in the picture.

Despite the pacifier is a good instrument to calm down the child, having it on your pictures is probably not the best choice unless you want to hide the pretty face of your kid behind a piece of plastic.

No fighting, violence or angriness

When you take pictures, choose moments when the child is happy and relaxed. If there are more children on the picture, this rule should be valid for all of them. We should capture and share good moments that bring happiness and positive thoughts.

Never send nude pictures

Kids may be very cute when they are playing in the bathroom or running naked around while you are desperately trying to catch and dress them up, but these are moments that you should enjoy yourself and not sharing them with the outside world.

In some countries, sharing such pictures may be considered a criminal act, but even if this is not the case, there are many valid reasons for not taking and sharing pictures where the kids are naked. For most of the people outside the family, these will be disturbing anyway. If you sent such pictures, they may end up in the wrong place, even in cases where you completely trust the other side that receives them. Have in mind that in our digital world computers are being hacked and phones are getting lost or stollen so better to be safe than sorry.

Check what is in the background

Sometimes we are so focused on taking photo of the smiling beauty in front of us, that we miss the fact that right behind it there are 3 other children having a big fight, which is also captured on the picture 😊

Therefore, before you share a photo, take a look what is in the background behind your child and ensure that there is nothing disturbing that should not be shared. All above rules should be applied also for the subjects in the background.

Overall recommendations

Capture and share good, happy and positive moments. In addition to that pay attention on the picture quality.  If both of these are in place, you picture is most probably an amazing one 😊

Radoslav Ivanov
Radoslav Ivanov
Happy father and husband that wants the best for his family and children. As an IT specialist, I founded the IT Knowledge Bank organization which is partnering with Active Mommies to support their web presence by contributing technical know-how and content. As a father, I am also happy to help with the organization of Active Mommies events.
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