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Outdoor places in Munich

Here is a list of outdoor places in Munich and the surroundings where you can play and have fun with your kids. They are excellent for sending time outside on a fresh air and your children will really enjoy the time spent there.


There are several Beerencafe in Munich that are definitely worse visiting with children.

They offer the possibility to pick fruits and vegetables yourself and also have playground and restaurant area where you can relax and grab some good food while children are playing around.

Animal parks

Zoo München (Tierpark Hellabrunn)

The zoo in Munich is an excellent place to spend some time with the children.

If you are planning to go there more than twice a year, we will recommend you to buy the annual ticket because the price you will pay is almost equal to 3 daily tickets.

Another recommendation is to go there by bike or public transport. The parking space around the zoo is limited and in sunny days, especially during the weekends, there is a long queue of cars waiting to enter the parking space.

Wildpark Poing

This is an excellent place to spend the whole day with the children. You can see a lot of animals and there is big playground and a picnic area:

We will recommend you to take with you a picnic blanket and bring your own food for lunch, especially if you are visiting it during the weekend. There is also a restaurant, but during the weekends, the queue may be quite long.

Cirkus Krone farm

Home of Circus Krone’s retired animals, it is an excellent place for entertainment.

There are several areas where children can have fun, a museum, Krone farm tour and much more. We can definitely recommend you to visit it.

Amusement parks


Märchenwald amusement park in Wolfratshausen is an excellent place to entertain small children:

If your children are bigger, you should better check some of our other recommendations.

Allgäu Skyline Park

Allgäu Skyline Park in Rammingen is less than 100 km away from Munich:


If you like LEGO and want to have some fun, you may consider visiting LEGOLAND:

Swimming pools

In hot summer days swimming pool is a good place to relax and cool down. Many of the public bathes offer both indoor and outdoor pools. Check the ones that are around you and try them out:


There are plenty of playgrounds in Munich so here we will list only few of them that we found a bit more interesting.


There are multiple playgrounds in Prinz-Eugen-Park in Munich including water playground, many swings, boulder area and much more. You can just go around the park and see which playground is best for your children depending on their age:

Nearby is also the Fideliopark playground which is also nice:

Besucherpark at Munich airport

This an interesting playground near the airport.

You can park at one of the airport parking areas which is exactly next to the playground. You can watch the airplanes while taking off and landing and the children can play on the playground.

Since there is not much shadow there, we would recommend visiting this playground during cloudy or not so hot days.

If you want to explore more playgrounds around you, just do a search in google maps, or have a look on some of the websites like  and which are focused on playgrounds.

There is even a playground app available at that allows you to find playgrounds around you and filter them by selected criteria.


There are several lakes around Munich where you can easily spend couple of hours and even a whole day. You can make a picnic and play outdoors. At some of the lakes grilling is allowed at designated areas.

Schwabinger Bach in the English garden is a nice place for a picnic that is very easy to reach.

Olympiasee in Olympiapark is a nice place for a walk.

Feringasee near Unterfohring is very close to Munich. It can be reached by bike and also offers plenty of parking spaces. There is also a big area for grilling.

If you have a car and don’t mind traveling, you can consider going to Starnberger See or Ammersee.

Other ideas

Recycling center (Wertstoffhof)

You may consider visiting some of the recycling centers (wertstoffhof) in Munich to show the children where items for recycling are collected. This is not a place where you can spend a lot of time (usually around 30 minutes are enough), but it may be interesting for the children to see it.

Cavalluna kids summer show

If your kids like horses, they will definitely like this show.

You may consider buying Munich Familienpass which offers discounts for many places. There you can find also other ideas for family activities.

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