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Indoor places in Munich

Here is a list of indoor places in Munich and the surroundings where you can play and have fun with your kids. These are especially useful during cold or rainy days when you have limited possibilities for spending time outside.

Indoor playgrounds

Jux und Tollerei

Big indoor playground nearby Munich where you can easily spend few hours with your children.

Consider that if you go during the weekends or public holidays, the place can be crowded and quite noisy. You should always keep an eye on your kids to ensure that they are safe and don’t get lost.

You can buy drinks and food there, but it is also fine to bring your own ones as well.


A bit smaller indoor playground, but still big enough to spend some time with the kids:

Here we should note that the baby area is upstairs and does not offer too much entertainment. If you are with babies, you should probably consider some of the other options.

Since the place is not so big, it seems to be relatively quiet also during the weekends. We were also surprised how clean were our socks when we were leaving the place.  


If your children like climbing, this is a good place to visit.

Jump House trampoline park

This trampoline park is a good place to spent time with the children.

If you go there during the weekend, you may need to wait half an hour until the next available time slot since there is a limit of the number of people on the playground. You can avoid that by booking in advance online.


Deutsches Museum

Deutsches Museum is an excellent place to visit no matter of the age of your children.

It has very interesting exhibitions and also Kid’s Kingdom – internal playground with very interesting setup.

If you plan to visit the museum more than once a year, we would recommend you to buy the annual ticket which is also valid for Flugwerft Schleißheim and Verkehrszentrum Munich. It costs a bit more than 2 adult tickets and you can visit the museum as often as you want.

BMW Welt and BWM Museum

BMW welt is not exactly museum, but you can spend couple of hours there with the children.

There are plenty of cars and motorbikes. You can sit on almost all motorbikes that are exhibited and you can sit in some of the cars as well. 

There are also restaurant and kids’ corner where children can play.

Often there are interesting events during the weekend, but even without them, you can spend few hours looking around.

The best part is that unlike the museums, BWM Welt opens early in the morning and closes at midnight. You can go there any time during the day without worrying about opening times. Another good thing is that it is completely free.

BMW Museum is just across the street. It is not free and it closes earlier than BMW Welt, but if you are a fan of cars and especially of BMW, then it is good place to visit and make a round with the kids.


Decathlon store in Unterfohring

Advertised as the biggest Decathlon store in Bayern, it offers plenty of sport equipment.

There are trampolines, bikes, rollers, roll skates and plenty of others that your kids can try and play with. You can easily spend 1-2 hours there and have fun with the kids.  

IKEA stores in Eching and Brunthal

Both stores have area where you can leave your kids for an hour until you are shopping.

If it happens that the kids area is already full, then you can still take the kids and go around the shop. Consider taking a shopping cart and bringing them around inside if they are small enough to fit. There is a restaurant where you can grab some food as well.

Segmuller store in Parsdorf

This is one of our favorite furniture stores to visit with kids because it has big departments for children and babies where your kids can play around as well as big restaurant area with decent food quality.

Swimming pools


Circus Krone

Circus Krone offers excellent performances and if you live in Munich or surroundings, it is great place to visit every time when there is new performance.

Traveling circuses

There are multiple traveling circuses that regularly have performances in Munich. Quality varies, but small kids will usually enjoy their performances. Just look around for posters in your neighborhood

Other locations


You can visit Motorworld for a lunch or dinner with the kids, have a walk around the place and see many different and interesting cars that everywhere there. Entrance is free and there is definitely what to see there.

L’Osteria Restaurants

Visiting a restaurant for dinner or lunch may be another opportunity to bring children out and do something different. We add L’Osteria to our list, because from our experience, this restaurant is very children friendly.

The locations has a big open kitchen where customers can see how their food is prepared. Children can sit in front of the window and watch it and often the chefs are entertaining them. Waiters can also provide you colorful pencils and paper for drawing and coloring.

When we were visiting with children, they always managed to find a spot for us even when the place was full and we never got a complain in case the kids spill the drinks on the table and floor or create a little mess with the food.

Munich Familienpass

You may consider buying Munich Familienpass which offers discounts for many places. There you can find also other ideas for family

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