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What do you need to buy before the baby is born?

Pregnancy is very exciting period. Once we are at the end of the pregnancy, we should start preparing for the moment when the baby is born.

In this article we collected a list of items that you should normally have at home around 1 month before the expected date of birth. This will ensure that once you are at home with the baby, you have everything that is essential for taking care of it.

Below is a short check list. You can read further for more details.

Check list

Baby bed / crib

  • Mattress
  • 2x Mattress protector
  • 4x Bed sheet

Changing table

  • Changing mat
  • Changing mat cover
  • Changing table lamp/heater (optional)

Baby stroller

Car seat (if you travel by car)

Baby tub


Diapers and wipes

Clothing size 50-56

  • Cap
  • 6-7 Bodies
  • 6-7 Stramplers
  • 3 Pairs of socks
  • Warm overall

Baby bed / crib

One of the first things you should buy (or borrow from a friend) is the baby bed. it should be assembled and prepared in advance before the baby is back home from the hospital. There is a big choice of baby beds. Feel free to choose one that you like the most and fits best in the room.


It is very important to choose a good mattress for the bed. Mattresses that are suitable for new born babies are normally made of foam. Memory foam mattresses are not suitable for new born babies because they may lead to suffocation if the baby turns with the face down. Ideally you should look for baby mattress that is tested and certified for use by new born babies.

If you buy a normal size baby bed (120-140 cm), you can use it at least until the child is 3 years old. Therefore, it is worth investing a little extra in a good mattress. This will ensure the safety and comfort of your child. Usually, the price difference is small, unless you are buying a super fancy one or a premium brand.

Mattress protector

We recommend you to buy a protector for the mattress in order to keep it dry and clean. It is similar to bed sheet and is made of waterproof breathing material that dries quickly.

Sometimes you will have cases when pee goes out of the diaper and makes everything around wet in the bed. In such cases the protector prevents the liquid from reaching the mattress.

It is much easier to replace only the protector, wash it and dry it quickly rather than doing the same with the mattress. This is why you should buy 2 protectors in order to have immediate replacement.

You can buy a protector on a very good price in IKEA or find one online.


You need at least 4 bed sheets in order to ensure that you have a replacement when something goes out of the diaper. Since this may happen several times in the same day, having four of them is usually enough.

Baby cot bumper

It protects your baby’s head from crib rails and prevent arms and legs from getting caught into them. It also makes the bed nicer and cozier.

Changing table

In the first several months after the birth you need a comfortable and safe place for changing the diapers of the baby. There you will have the baby wipes, diapers, creams, clothes and everything else that you need for this ritual. You may buy a dedicated furniture designed for that or buy a complement for your existing furniture.

For example, if you already have at home Ikea Malm commodes, you can easily buy online a supplement (Changing table top) that will turn it into a changing table. Considering that most probably you will use the change table for only 6-9 months, this is very cost efficient and space saving option.

Changing mat

In addition to the changing table, you need also a changing mat. This is soft, stable, easy to clean and properly shaped mat on which the baby lies while you are changing the diaper. You can find one online or in every shop for baby accessories and usually all of them are good enough for the purpose.  If you want something premium and very well looking and you have extra cash to spend, you may check the Leander Matty changing mat. It is a bit pricy, but also quite good quality.

Changing mat cover

Surface of changing mats is usually made of plastic or foam. These materials are waterproofed and easy to clean but not necessarily good for the skin of your baby. Therefore, we would recommend you to buy also a cover for your changing mat.

Covers are made of soft material that is easy to wash and dry. Changing mat also looks much better when is covered.  The cover provides soft and warmer touch for the skin of the child.

Changing table lamp/heater (optional)

You may need this accessory depending on the season, climate in your country and the temperature in your house. Normally if you are living in areas with warm climate or your house has a good heating, then you don’t need extra heater for the changing table.


You will need a stroller to transport the baby and bring it out for a fresh air. Some people may argue that you can buy it also later, but the truth is that the first weeks after the birth, you will be very busy with the baby and the last thing you want to do will be to go around looking for a good stroller.

We will recommend you to buy it some time in advance. This way you will have the time visit a few shops, consult with friends that already have a baby and find a stroller that best fits your needs.

Baby car seat

If you own a car or plan to travel by car with the baby, you must buy a car seat. This is very important for the safety of your child. It also convenient for you and comfortable for your baby.

Baby tub / bathtub

You need a small bathtub for the baby in order to be able to give a bath comfortably and safely.


Thermometer is necessary for several reasons. You can measure the temperature of the baby. You can check the temperature of the water before bathing. You can also use it to check the temperature of the milk If you have to warm it up when you are not breastfeeding.

Diapers and wipes

You should buy at least one pack of diapers for a newborn and a pack of baby wipes. First days after the birth you will be constantly around the baby and the last think you want to do is to go out for diapers. It is better to have some prepared in advance.

Clothing (size 50-56)

Before the baby is born, you should ensure that you have at least a basic set of clothes.


Babies are very sensitive to temperature changes. Newborn should always have a cap when you bring it out. Depending on the season this may be one for keep it warm or to protect it from the sun.

6-7 Bodies

You need them to keep the baby warm. This will be your first layer of clothing. Make sure you have enough of them since if anything goes out of the diaper, you will need to take a new one. This may happen more than once per day.

6-7 Stramplers

This will be your second layer of clothing. You will often use it on top of the body to keep the baby warm enough. They are also much more convenient to use than the trousers when the baby is so small.

2-3 Pairs of Socks

They will keep the baby legs warm and you can also put them on the hands if the baby scratches her face too often in the beginning.

Warm overall

When you go out, you will need warm overall for the baby in the first several months.

We hope that this list will help you to be better prepared for the nice moment when your baby come home after the birth. If you think we should include additional essential items in this list, feel free to contact us with your suggestions.

This article was first published at Johanna Maria website.

Johanna Maria Ivanova
Johanna Maria Ivanova
Happy mommy that wants the best for her children. As a certified early childhood educator in Germany, Montessori pedagogue, primary and secondary school teacher, I am working with children in all ages for more than 20 years.


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