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Budapest sightseeing tips from the locals

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe so if you haven’t been there yet, I recommend you to spend several days at this nice place.

For the most popular sightseeing places, you will find plenty of information online, so here, as a person who knows the city well and often brings guests around, I will give you few extra sightseeing tips that will enrich your experience. Here are several places that I recommend you to visit. They are well known by the locals and my guests enjoyed visiting them as well.

Trófea Grill Újbuda Restaurant

If you plan to go for a dinner there, better you skip the lunch!

This is all you can eat and drink restaurant and trust me, in this particular one, you will want to try from everything

There are few of these restaurants in the city, but this is the best one and offers really higher quality and atmosphere than the others.

Usually Friday evening and during weekends there is bigger variety of food since there are more customers. I would recommend reserving in advance by phone to ensure you have a place.

Budapest Circus

This is a favorite place to visit for both children and adults. Performances are great and are changing every 3-4 months. I would recommend going to some of the evening performances and prepare yourself for a world class circus performance.

Every 2 years in January the Budapest circus festival takes place. If you are lucky to be there at this time, make sure you book your ticket.

Széchenyi Thermal Bath

If you are in Budapest, you should visit some of the thermal baths in the city and Széchenyi bath should be definitely in your list.

This is a nice one and is also next to the circus. During the weekend you can to the bath during the day and then visit the circus. Another good option is to visit the bath and then once you are very hungry, then go to Trofea Grill restaurant.

If you are there in the summer, you can visit some of the night parties that take place there.

Ruin Bars

There are several ruin bars in the city. You can try Szimpla and if you like it, check some of the others as well:

Gellert Hill

In the evening there is very nice view to the city and the castle and is excellent place to take a few night shots with the camera.

Boat Trip

There are many boat trips and I would recommend you to take one when you are in Budapest.

I would recommend to take one in the evening when the lights of the buildings are already on. Then it is much nicer. You can even have a trip with dinner on a ship that is also nice.

This is company that offer such trips:

And remember to take your camera because you can make great photos from the ship.

Other places to visit

VakVarjú Beach Bistro

It is good place for dinner when the weather is good and you want to relax a bit on fresh air but you should check if it is still open, since they are closing once the weather is not hot enough any more.

A38 Ship

This is a party place and restaurant on a ship. The ship is not floating and is permanently based there, but sometimes there are interesting events there.

U1 metro line

This is the oldest metro line in continental Europe. You can use it to go to Heroes square, the circus and the thermal bath. The small trains are really charming and you will enjoy the short ride with them.

Festivals, Fairs and Markets

Most of the music fans know the Sziget Festival and it is one of the most famous festivals in Budapest.

There are of course plenty of other events especially during the summer, so I would recommend you to check if there is an interesting one during the period of your stay.

Of course you can visit the castle, parliament, heroes square and other sightseeing places, but for them there is plenty of information available.

This article was first published at Johanna Maria website. We have more sightseeing tips in our Travel category.

Johanna Maria Ivanova
Johanna Maria Ivanova
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