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Surprise, surprise – what I found for the kitchen!

I was shopping in the city when I noticed well-stocked shop selling kitchen tools. I went inside, scanning the shelves for something catching the eyes. A collection of shiny elegant kitchen tools immediately attracted my attention. When I entered the shop, I had no intention to buy anything, but I left with a bag full of nice things.

Later I decided to perform some research regarding the products that I bought to satisfy my curiosity and share it with you in case you need an upgrade in your kitchen. Here is what I found.

The nice shiny items were from Stellar premium kitchen tools and gadgets:

I did a quick check on Amazon to see if I can find them there. Only few were available, but prices were quite attractive (click on the image to see it on Amazon).

I also found the Judge extendable trivet the Bergner Reliant knife set:

If you need an upgrade of your kitchen tools, these seem to offer quite good balance between price and quality. And they look really good. I am sure that if you check online, you fill find more of them.

Have fun shopping and cooking!

This article was first published at Johanna Maria website.

Johanna Maria Ivanova
Johanna Maria Ivanova
Happy mommy that wants the best for her children. As a certified early childhood educator in Germany, Montessori pedagogue, primary and secondary school teacher, I am working with children in all ages for more than 20 years.
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