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The treasures in your basement

We often store things that are rarely used in the basement. Some of them stay there for years just taking space. If you check the boxes, you will probably discover that you don’t really need at least half of the things that are there.

Have you ever thought about selling them? You will be surprised how much money you may get by simply selling your old stuff. These money are just hanging in your basement!

What to sell?

All these are candidates for sale:

  • Old electronics and equipment
  • Home appliances that you don’t use any more
  • Bags, suitcases, clothes
  • Furniture, kitchenware, pots and pans
  • Everything that stays there more than a year …

Check out also your cupboards. Treasures are waiting there as well.

How much do they cost?

If things are in good condition, they usually sell at 30% to 50% of their original price. In some cases you may even reach 70% of the price, if there is high demand for the product and it is in a perfect state.

You may get 100$ for your old bike, 30$ for a suitcase, 20$ for your juice maker, 5-10$ for an old picture or even 200$ for a good quality speakers that you no longer use.

It may not sound so much, but if you sell regularly the things you no longer need, you will end up with several hundred dollars in your pocket every year. Enough to pay a good holiday for you or to buy something new that you really need.

Where to sell your things?

This depends on how much time you would like to spend, how much money you want to get and how fast you want to empty your basement.

In general web sites like eBay, OLX and some local ads websites are perfect place to sell. Make a good pictures of the products and simply put them online. It may take longer to sell, but you will get a better price.

If you are in a hurry to empty your basement or to get some fresh cash in your pocket, you may put them on an eBay auction,  do a garage sale or visit some of the markets for selling old things.

The best is to use a combination of these methods. Garage sale is the best option for things that cost 1-2$ because you sell them fast and save time. If you have to sell them online, it takes much more effort. You will be surprised what you can sell that way. You may easily earn 200$ from things you were planning to throw away.

If you sell something more expensive, use the online web site for that to ensure you get a decent price for it.

Why doing it?

Apart from getting some cash in your pocket and having more space in the basement, selling things may be a lot of fun 🙂

You learn how to sell and get the best price for your things.

You make people happy! Something that is not valuable for you, may be very useful for somebody else. You will be surprised how much happiness may bring some of your old things.

I had a big box of shells collected on the beach that I decided to give away for free instead of throwing them away. The person who took them was a mother that was going to use them to make decorations with her child. They couldn’t buy so many shells in the shop (or could not afford it). My small gift made her day happy! And the smile I got in exchange is priceless.

Save the planet – yes, that’s right. Your things will be used by somebody else instead of ending up in the garbage.  You are saving nature!

Have fun selling! 🙂

This article was first published at Johanna Maria website.

Johanna Maria Ivanova
Johanna Maria Ivanova
Happy mommy that wants the best for her children. As a certified early childhood educator in Germany, Montessori pedagogue, primary and secondary school teacher, I am working with children in all ages for more than 20 years.
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