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Happy in the rain – the perfect outfit for the rainy days

Kids love to play outside, no matter of the weather conditions and in contrast to their parents, they really enjoy jumping in the puddles during rainy days 😊

Fortunately for us the parents, fashion industry knows that very well and material and clothes designers are very creative about keeping our kids dry in the rain.

Thanks to that, nowadays the choice for rain jackets, rain trousers, boots and other accessories is so big, that we often get lost while trying to choose the best outfit for our children.

In case you need rain clothes, below are few tips from us that will help you make a good choice.


We would recommend you to by a rain jacket from this kind of material that is a bit thicker and feels like a gummy when you touch it. The advantage of it is that it is really waterproof and also quite durable and easy to clean.

Make sure that the jacket you are buying has a zipper in addition to the buttons. Another nice feature is the detachable hood since it allows to be removed when it is not necessary.

Since the jacket will be used in bad weather, we would recommend you to buy one with a fleece lining. The fleece lining will keep the child warm even when it is colder outside.

If you want to break the stereotypes of pinky for girls and blue for boys, then yellow is an excellent choice for color. It is nice, fresh and visible from a longer distance, so your child will definitely draw attention and will stand out among the others. Here is one example that you may like.


For toddlers that are still crawling, we would recommend buying an overall since it will keep the child dry even when crawling in a wet sand.

For children that are bigger, we would recommend rain trousers and not overall because they are much easier to dress up and has the same function.

Fleece lining is not really necessary for the rain trousers, because you will usually dress them on top of the normal trousers or tights. What is important is to choose trousers from good material, like the one we recommended for the rain jacket above.

One feature that may be useful in some cases are elasticated straps at the end of each leg that will keep the trousers on top of the boots and prevent them from going up accidentally.


Boots are very essential part of the outfit since they keep the feet dry.

When you are buying boots for your child, make sure that they are light and comfortable. It may be a good idea to choose boots in the same color like the rain jacket. This is a nice combination that makes the outfit look nice and stand out.

Practical and nice outfit

Rain clothes are very practical since they keep our children dry and warm when it is wet outside.

Since we usually buy only one or two sets of them (e.g., one for home and one for the kindergarten), it is worth spending a little extra time to choose ones that are good quality.

Here by good quality, we mean not only the quality of the materials, but also a model that is comfortable and nice and color combination that looks good.

If you need to buy rain outfit, choose it carefully. Your child deserves it and you as a parent will be proud of having the nicest child in the world.

Johanna Maria Ivanova
Johanna Maria Ivanova
Happy mommy that wants the best for her children. As a certified early childhood educator in Germany, Montessori pedagogue, primary and secondary school teacher, I am working with children in all ages for more than 20 years.
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