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The best strawberry dessert ever

Today I am going to show you how to prepare one of the best strawberry desserts. It combines the excellent strawberry aroma with banana and melon flavors. This in combination with the sweetness of chocolate, waffles and raisins and little sour taste of the kiwis, all mixed together in cream, results in amazing taste.

What you need?

The secret if this dessert is the careful selection of high-quality ripe fruits. This is especially valid for the strawberries. Please ensure that your fruits are ripe and fresh in order to achieve the amazing taste of this dessert. Here is what you need:

1 kg Strawberries
3 Bananas
3 Kiwis
1 Melon
1 Dark chocolate bar (+1 milk chocolate bar if you like it extra sweet)
200 gr Raisins
1 pack of waffles
2 Whip cream sprays (or use your favorite cream)

How to prepare?

Pick the nicest strawberries and leave them aside. You will need them later for decoration of the dessert before serving it. The rest of the fruits cut on small pieces.

Grate the chocolate and divide in 2 or 3 the waffles so you have long thin pieces of them. At the end your products will look like below.

Now take a big bowl and add a layer of fruits at the bottom (take equal amounts of all fruits). Then add a layer of cream on top of it followed by chocolate and raisins. Stick waffle pieces inside.

Repeat this process until the bowl is full. The last layer should be only cream. Then cover the bowl and put it in the fridge for one night. This will cool it down a bit and will allow time for the chocolate to melt in the cream and waffles to absorb it.

When you take it out next day you will notice that the cream on the top has dried a bit. Therefore, before serving the dessert add a fresh layer of cream on the top. Take the nice strawberries you left aside in the beginning and cut them half. Then decorate on the top with them. You can stick few waffles on a top as well.

Your dessert is now ready to serve!

Here is also a video how to prepare it.

This article was first published at Johanna Maria website.

Radoslav Ivanov
Radoslav Ivanov
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